Dance Classes Compared: Which Is Best For Your Child?

Some parents have noticed that their child has a hard time sitting still or is incredibly flexible. Or maybe he or she has a pretty good sense of rhythm and taps on every possible surface. These are a few signs that a child could do well in a dance class. Many parents want to put their child in dance, only to find out that there are many different types of dance classes with different requirements and outcomes. While it is tempting to just put the child into the cheapest or closest class, making sure that they have the skills to succeed is crucial. Here are a few tips on how to find the correct dance class for your child.

1-Ballet. Ballet is a very rigid, technical discipline in which the basics of dance are taught. These skills are fundamental and can be easily translated to a different style if the child chooses a different type of dance later in life. Though every little girl longs to be a ballerina, these dancers must develop stamina for the art over years of practice. Ballet is a wonderful class for the more disciplined child who has a knack for flexibility.

2-Tap. Tap is a wonderful class for those who have good rhythm. Through metal on the bottom of their shoes, a dancer is transformed into an instrument who can achieve wonderful percussion through movement. Tap is also used in other forms of creativity such as theater and lyrical performances. 

3-Modern. Modern dance is for the creative mind. Though based on several fundamentals often taught in ballet, modern dance encourages individuality and creativity. The whole body is used to express ideas and feelings in an exciting and wholly original way. 

4-Jazz. Jazz is a wonderful type of dance for the energetic little dancer. There are many quick movements with large jumps and energy. Some children have a hard time with the rigidity of ballet and really excel in jazz.

5-Hip-Hop. Those with a high amount of rhythm and creativity usually do well with hip hop. Hip-hop is a more modern type of dance that allows a lot of room for individuals to find their own specific style. With a wide range of moves and skillsets, hip-hop is a favorite among many in urban communities.

No matter what type of dance an individual chooses, sticking with it for a few years is a good idea. It is often hard to train a little body to move, and consistency is key.